are you living with hep c?

Many people have lived with hep C for many years and have either tried Interferon treatment with no success, or have avoided Interferon due to the lengthy treatment time, low cure rate and highly unpleasant side effects.  All that has changed now with the arrival of new effective treatments which have been listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) by the Australian Government and are available to all adults in Australia with a Medicare Card.

new effective treatments are available.

Unlike the previous Interferon treatment, the new direct acting antiviral treatments are very effective (95%+ cure rate) with minimal to no side effects and is taken in tablet form daily for between 8-12 weeks (although may need to be taken longer with Ribavirin if cirrhosis or other liver disease is present).

assessment & treatment is easy

In most cases, assessment and treatment can now be made through a family doctor/GP. Prescriptions can be collected from community pharmacists. Even where cirrhosis or liver disease is present and treatment is monitored through a Liver Clinic, the process is easier than before.

You can ask your doctor / GP to refer you to either test.
Australian doctors are now able to treat hep C and prescribe hep C treatment drugs that can be collected from community pharmacies. However, not all GPs or chemists are able to provide this service; you can find those that do from the Hepatitis NSW Directory.

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