Hep C Treatment: Is Treatment for Me?

There has never been a better time to think about getting treatment for your hep C. This easy read resource helps you make decisions about treatment, how it works and how it can benefit you.

I have hep C: How can I stay healthy?

Your liver does a lot of important things to keep you healthy. This easy read resource gives you options to stay healthy if you have hep C but haven’t started treatment. Diet, exercise and lifestyle all matter.

New Hep C Treatments Infographic

There are several treatments available that cure hepatitis C. What does it all mean? This infographic gives you all the basic information you need to get a grasp of the jargon and treatment types.

Hep C Testing Infographic

Two tests may be required to know if you currently have hep C and should start treatment. This easy to follow info graphic tells you what you need to know about Anti-body Tests and PCR Tests.

Tx! MAG #25

Tx! Mag is Hepatitis NSW’s easy-read comic book magazine. Edition #25 follows the story of Sam’s and Clara’s different experiences with starting hepatitis C treatment with the new treatment drugs.

Is My Liver Healthy?

If you have had hep C for a while, your liver could be damaged even if you don’t feel sick. This easy read resource tells you about liver check and what you can do if your liver isn’t healthy.


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