This website is part of a state-wide HEP C awareness campaign produced by Hepatitis NSW.

The HEP C – CURE IS EASY campaign aims is to help people living with hep C to start a conversation about their health, and to take steps towards testing, treatment and cure.

This website is intended as a starting point and contains basic but essential information about hepatitis C, with links to further reading, resources and help.

Hepatitis NSW

Hepatitis NSW is a not-for-profit charity. We provide information, support, referral, and advocacy for people affected by viral hepatitis in NSW. We also provide workforce development and education services both to prevent the transmission of viral hepatitis and to improve services for those affected by it. We strive to be representative of people affected by viral hepatitis and work actively in partnership with other organisations and with the affected communities themselves to bring about improvements in quality of life, information, support and treatment, and to prevent hepatitis B and C transmission.

Website: hep.org.au


E-Info is a tool that enables you to ask us a question 24/7. With E-Info, we try to reply to your email as soon as possible but it might take a day or two in order for us to provide the information you seek.